When the time comes

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We all have some great dreams, some goals set to guide us along the paths of life, we all have a mind committed to a cause we devote our lives to, we feel unique from the rest and we say we have a potential which no one else possess.


Somehow, we all are correct up to the extent where we can see ourselves approaching the goal, but beyond that, when it comes to the harshness which resides within us which make us feel uncomfortable with others is just too much.

The spirit which guides us lives in us, our motivation and courage helps it nourish, our well being helps it take the charge over our ego and everything that is a hurdle in our way to success.

Patience holds us firm and makes us immune to shatter and our brave heart guides us to the victory. We keep waiting and waiting and when we have waited long enough, our minds become lousy and we cannot bear it anymore. But, there still lies an abstract feeling, a masked friend, which do not leave us, there still lies ‘hope’, which suddenly strikes us like a thunder and we wake up to find our vision in more youth and  glamour so we keep walking running and often stumbling, till we attain our long lived dream and at last, we reach our destiny!

Stay safe!


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