About Us


To provide the picture of Pakistan filled with valor,beauty and harmony.


We are a nation of 200 million brave souls,sacrificed blood and laid the foundations of this great country strong,we were through harsh situations,enemy striking at us in every direction,blocking our path to our glorious place in history,but our spirits didn’t die.

Our courage kept us going.Through a load of hardships,we raised and proved to be among civilized nations of the world.

We fought three wars at a young age,were betrayed from within many times,our right wing was cut and we were left to fly with a scratch.But we did what great nations are supposed to do,we kept strong and we moved along till we became the World’s seventh and first in the Muslim World to possess nuclear weapons.

We held the record for becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Specialist and we beat our own record two times.We were strong.

Our enemies strike at us again with a more developed generation of warfare and more cruel doctrines to root of our youth and destabilize our morale.We were bombed in our homes,our streets were not safe,everyday we picked the bodies of our loved ones,but we kept on going.

We got a serious blow on the sixteenth of december 2014,but we strike back and strike hard and we pushed the enemy to their end.We brought peace through the strong devotion and love for the country.


We are passionate youngsters filled with enthusiasm,here to bring you the image of Pakistan that many of you have not seen before.

We are here to glorify our beloved nation based on the Islamic principles and to rise the Green Flag high above all!

Pakistan Zindabad!